1.1 – Welcome!

01.pngThis is Chaz Orion, and I am his invisible sentient overlord. His traits are Goofball, Geek, Genius, and Quick Learner. His Aspiration is Nerd Brain. I, the Invisible Sentient Overlord (ISO) have tasked him with raising 10 generations following a set of rigorous restrictions. He is currently looking at his “house” and is not very pleased with what he sees.


This is his house. In it are his bare necessities: a bed, a refrigerator, and a toilet.

Chaz: It’s tiny! And what are these things? Bed, refrigerator, toilet?

Invisible Sentient Overlord (ISO): The bed is where you sleep, the refrigerator is where you store food, and the toilet is where you…well…

Chaz: On Orion 13 we have sleeping pods, food capsules, and waste removal machines.

ISO: Welcome to earth!

Chaz: What is that strange statue?

ISO: Oh, only the reason why you have only $48.

Chaz: What? I had $20,000 when I landed!

ISO: Better get a job. But first, don’t you think you should go out and meet some people?


04.pngChaz changes into his sim disguise and goes to the park.

ISO: Very convincing. Only, don’t you think maybe the U.F.O t-shirt screams “I’m an alien” a little too loudly?

Chaz: That’s the point! No one will ever suspect it!

ISO: Okay…


05.pngChaz instantly sits down with Morgan Fyres and starts playing chess.

ISO: You could have asked first.

Chaz: Nonsense! There is a game very similar to this on Orion 13 called Vapta! I’m great at it! (To Morgan) The Byor piece moves in a circle, right?

Morgan: Uhhhh…


06.pngI “suggest” that Chaz start collecting to both begin his collection and bring in some extra simoleons.

Chaz: (Licks rock) That tastes terrible!

ISO: I told you to collect it, not lick it!

Chaz: On Orion 13 rocks are flavored!


07.pngChaz: (Reaches into log) Ah! It’s a neepzor!

ISO: What’s a neepzor?

Chaz: A slippery creature from my planet.

ISO: I think that’s just a frog.

Chaz: (Makes the frog do a dance)

ISO: (Sighs) I knew his goofball trait would start showing…


08.pngISO: Eligible wife alert! Go talk to her!

Chaz: But–

ISO: Just do it!

Jesminder Bheeda: Hi!

Chaz: Hey, look this frog I caught can do a dance! (Makes frog dance)

ISO: (Facepalms)

Chaz: (Analyzes personality) Ahh, you’re a romantic hot-headed vegetarian! So, do you have reproductive partner?

Jesminder: Ugh! (Walks away)

ISO: Maybe a little too forward…


09.pngISO: Ah, another eligible wife. Try to be normal this time…

Chaz: Hi, I’m Chaz Orion, and I come from outer space.

ISO: Nope…


10.pngChaz: Hi, I’m Chaz Orion. I like your hair!

ISO: Better…

Miko: I’m Miko Ojo. Pleased to meet you!

ISO: We have a winner, folks!

Miko: I like your t-shirt! Hey, did you see the last episode of Simtrek?

Chaz: Oh, that show broadcasts…where I’m from. It’s great!

ISO: That was close…

Chaz: It’s hilarious that they think aliens are like that!

Miko: Um…What?

ISO: Oh no…

Chaz: I mean…I imagine they’re not like they are on tv…

Miko: Oh, right!

ISO: Good save…


11.pngChaz goes home and goes to bed.

Chaz: (Puts feet on pillow) Hmmm…Somehow this doesn’t feel right…

ISO: That’s where your head goes.

Chaz: Oh! Goodnight, Invisible Sentient Overlord!

ISO: Goodnight!


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