1.2 – When to Wear Clothes

01.pngThe next day, Chaz decides to invite Miko over.

ISO: On earth, it’s not customary to greet guests in your pajamas…

Miko: Been out for an early morning run?

Chaz: Yeah, that’s why I’m dressed like this. It’s definitely not because I thought it was ok to greet guests in pajamas.

Miko: (Giggles) It’s ok!

Chaz: Why don’t I go inside and change…


02.pngChaz: (Ahem) Now where were we…Did I mention your epidermal layer looks beautiful today?

ISO: Smooth…

Miko: (Giggles) Thanks, I think?

Chaz: It was a compliment.


The next morning, Chaz is awakened by his doorbell ringing. Luckily, he slept in his disguise. He does, however, once again, forget to change out of his pajamas. He also hopes no one notices the green trails of stink coming out of his armpits…

Vivian Lewis: Welcome to the neighborhood! Your house certainly has an interesting smell, Mr…

Chaz: Orion

Vivian Lewis: Mr. Orion.

Eric Lewis: My mother was going to give you a fruitcake, but I saw her eating it on the way over.

Vivian Lewis: Eric!

Chaz: Fruit…Cake? A baked confection made only from fruit?

Alice Spencer-Kim: No, silly! There’s just fruit in the cake!

Dennis Kim: Are you sure there’s nothing rotting in here?

Chaz: Thanks for coming! I should get going. I have a lot to do today…


05.pngISO: You smell. Maybe you should head to the gym and take a shower…

Chaz: Are there really no sanitization chambers on earth?

ISO: Nope.

Chaz: Hey, stop watching me!

ISO: Relax, there’s a very helpful censorship mosaic covering you.

Chaz: That’s a relief!


06.pngISO: Hmmm…So apparently clothes are something you don’t quite understand. You’re supposed to get dressed before speaking to people. Haven’t we been over this?

Chaz: Hi, I’m Chaz. Did you know all galactic hitchhikers should always have a towel?

Maribel: Ugh, please get dressed!


07.pngISO: Maybe you should work on some skills. Time to hit the library!

Chaz: Why would I “hit” a library?

ISO: Just go…

Chaz: Wow, reading on paper! How retro!

ISO: Just read your gardening book…


08.pngChaz: Ah, chess! My favorite!


09.pngISO: Time to get a job. Them simoleons don’t earn themselves!

Chaz: Oooh a scientist! Perfect!


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