1.3 – Geek Love

01.pngMiko invites Chaz to Geekycon! This might be a match made in sim-heaven!

Chaz: Hey, look, it’s Llama Man!

Miko: And Mrs. Impossible!

ISO: Do they really broadcast this many sim tv shows on Orion 13?

Chaz: I can’t believe I met a girl who’s so into this stuff!

Miko: Hey, women can be geeks too!

ISO: Darn right, sister!


02.pngChaz: Let us proceed to take what I believe is called a “selfie!”

Llama Man: Say cheese!

Chaz: Why would I speak of dairy products at a time like this?

Miko: (Thinking) He’s so dreamy…


03.pngChaz: Hey look, a Geekycon t-shirt!

ISO: You’re now down to 25 simoleons. I hope it was worth it.


04.pngChaz: Ah, a rocket! Primitive, but I think I can use my knowledge of sim-made spaceships to help build this.


05.pngAnnouncer: The Geekycon challenges are beginning! Participate in the Ultimate Gaming Test or the Hackathon!

Chaz: Yippee!


06.pngChaz: I failed the contest, but I think I won a better prize!

Miko: Awwww!

ISO: Now we’re talking!


07.pngChaz: May I exchange saliva with you as an expression of my affection?

Miko: You mean a kiss?

Chaz: Ah, yes, a kiss. That’s what they’re called.

Miko: (Giggles) You’re so funny!



Chaz: How was that?

Miko: Call me sometime, will you?


Chaz manages to sell the few things he collected on his first day for a sink! It’s a good thing too, because the dirty dishes have been piling up!


11.pngChaz goes to the library to play some chess and do some reading. While reading Crisis Barn, he has a scientific breakthrough!

Chaz: Eureka! Spoons are curved so that they can keep the food in them!

ISO: That’s your breakthrough?

Chaz: Eureka! Pants not only cover your undergarments, but also keep your legs warm!

ISO: Wow…


12.pngChaz goes to his first day of work at Future Sims Lab.

Chaz: I hope nobody notices that I haven’t showered recently…



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