1.4 – Karaoke (Without the Karaoke)

01Chaz is pleased to find that there is a shower at Future Sims Labs.

Chaz: And just as my armpits were about to give off gaseous green stink! Sims biology is so strange!


02Inventor Constructor: I am the inventor constructor.

Chaz: I’m Chaz! I’m an alien, but don’t tell anyone!

Inventor Constructor: I am not programmed to keep secrets.

Chaz: Please?

Inventor Constructor: I will erase this knowledge from my memory core. (Erases memory core) I am the inventor constructor.

Chaz: I’m Chaz. I’m not an alien!

Inventor Constructor: What do you want to invent?

Chaz: A Momentum Conserver.

Inventor Constructor: I will proceed to build this device.


03Chaz: Wow, look at this thing! I think I’ll call you Bob!

ISO: Nice job. Why Bob, though?


04Chaz starts practicing analysis and finds the element Volenton!


05Chaz harvests some strawberry plants and tries to make a food serum.

ISO: That coffee being here can’t be a good idea. Make sure not to mix it up with the serum…

The serum disappears in a puff of smoke.

Chaz: That’s not quite right…My head is all scrambled now!


06Despite his failure to synthesize the food serum, Chaz gets a promotion to Apprentice Inventor. He’s pretty happy with himself right now.

Chaz: (Laughs) That was pretty funny when it disappeared in a cloud of smoke…I can’t wait to tell Miko about my promotion!


07Chaz takes Miko to Waterside Warble because he understands that something called karaoke is very popular among sims.

Chaz: Miko, guess what! I got a promotion!

Miko: Congrats!


Chaz: (Fake yawns and puts arm around Miko)

Miko (Giggles) That was incredibly corny!

Chaz: Corny? Does that mean something is made of corn?

Miko: (Giggles) I love your sense of humor!


10They don’t end up singing karaoke, but they do manage to have a gold medal date!


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